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what is a ministry?

  • A Ministry is a collective executive.

  • They are responsible for providing public service in a specialized field of government, led by a senior public servant known as “Minister”.

  • Ministries afford or give things needed by the people to help sustain an acceptable quality of life in the society they serve. They ensure every member of the society receives freedom, justice and equality in his or her daily life.

  • Every person is encouraged to play a role in the development of the society in which they live. For this responsibility, most of us will go through a process of self-improvement administered by the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Spiritual Development and the Ministry of Education.

  • The goal is to form a Government that uses the power of the human nature to return its citizens to their natural state of peace, creating an environment where all can enjoy true freedom, justice and equality, regardless of race, class, creed or color.

These are only brief summaries for a portion of the Ministries.

More information will be sent to members once they have selected their Ministry.

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Ministry of education

The Ministry of Education is responsible for the mental and moral development of the members of the society through formal instruction over a prescribed period of time in a system of learning ranging from preschool through primary school.

The student travels through advanced academic levels, culminating in the conferring of academic degrees, under the direction of a National Board of  Education. In addition to academic instruction, students shall receive teaching and training in the way of righteous conduct, decency and self-respect, with the ultimate goal of making a better nation of people.
Ministry of Science & Technology

The Ministry of  Science and Technology is dedicated to the application of scientific knowledge to the solution of human problems. 

This Ministry embraces the broad discipline of Engineering and its sub-disciplines, including civil engineering, the design and construction of public and private works such as airports, roads, railways, water supply and treatment, bridges, dams and buildings.

This Ministry will also utilize information technologies to improve overall efficiency of all ministries, including the use of web sites and webcasts.

This division will work closely with the Ministry of  Information to develop standard IT protocols and operating procedures and encourage technological education and training. 

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Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice protects the rights and privileges of the members of our society and provides for penalties to be imposed upon persons who violate or threaten to violate the law. No member of the community shall forfeit his or her rights and privileges of membership in the community without just cause and without due process in reaching a determination that such cause exists. This Ministry is charged with the development of an independent judicial system in order to carry out its charge. It also initiates legal action against external entities including governments, corporations,  institutions and/or individuals, who, through their actions,  pose a threat to the essential rights of the members of our community.

Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for the development and maintenance of a system of sustainable agriculture to provide wholesome, natural food to the members of society. In addition to food, this Ministry is responsible for the production of raw materials related to timber and textile industries.

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Ministry of Information

The Ministry of Information is the central agency which provides services that include the development of all sources for informing the public of the policies, plans and strategies necessary for the free flow and accessibility of information essential to an informed and empowered citizenry.

This includes collection, research and dissemination of current events, history, analysis; the publication of books, pamphlets, magazines and use of the internet and social media. It is also responsible for the development of information systems and networks to secure internal and external communications, and the establishment of an office of media affairs and press secretary.

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Ministry of Arts & Culture

Art is a divine expression of God given gifts placed inside each one of us.

This Ministry is designated with the task of exploring human potential, cultivating those gifts that are found, and aiding the members of society in expressing themselves in a way that satisfies the artist, the audience, and helps to fulfill the Divine purpose for that expression.

This is to be done while asserting each individuals rights to be free to self identify themselves according to the unique attributes they possess.

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Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health and Human Services provides for the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the members of the society. The ultimate goal is to perfect human health, to maximize the well being of each person while establishing and maintaining a perpetual peaceful cohesiveness among the members of the society. Acknowledging God as the author of life gives the practitioner a more balanced approach to the field of health and human services. 


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