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Dec 19, 2018

Merging the generational gap!


Peace family! I am a young college student in this movement and I have noticed something that is both concerning and promising about the current movement for Black independence and freedom. In the past, where the freedom of Black people is concerned, the charge at the head of the movement was always led by the energy of young people. Both college students and the working-class young people were the vanguards of the revolutionary spirit in terms of rhetoric, politics and social movement. This can be seen in the popularity of Malcolm X during his rise, the example SNCC set for the tone of the civil rights movement and especially in the case of the Black Panther Party and the Black Power Movement. Today, although I think my generation is itching for a revolutionary change, I can't help but notice that the major organizational activity is not coming from us, but from the elder generations. It seems to me there is a sense of apathy in my generation for actual organizations, whether they be religious, social, political or otherwise. This is concerning because ORGANIZATION is the key to the success to any community. The enemy is highly organized and I see this even at the college level; they have a tried and true system of funneling their young into the powerful institutions and acclimating them into the culture of organizations while at the same time feeding on their youthful energy to push them forward. However it seems that in our section of existence a lot of our movements are relying on the veterans to do both the groundwork, maintaining the routine posts, maintaining creative energy AND being at the helm as the captain and mouthpiece. This paradigm is ripe for exhaustion, fatigue and the nasty spiritual and spiritual side effects thereof.


The positive side of this equation is that it leaves so much room for growth!!! My question to everybody is: how can we better address the fear of my generation to organize and at the same time address the fear the elder generation may have of young leadership? Thank you to all those who took the time to read this post and all who plan on responding. Thank you and peace!

Brother Matthew, having conversations and building on that energy can put things in perspective as you described.

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  • Throughout our tumultuous sojourn in America there have been many calls for "freedom" and "Separation". But what does this actually mean? How do we define Separation? During the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War many blacks found themselves in a very strange predicament. Many after knowing nothing but the life of slavery wondered "How do I exist as a Free man?". One former slave wrote "For we colored people did not know how to be free and the white people did not know how to have a free colored person about them." We have never been shown how to be free so when we say Separation we are referring to a state of being that many blacks in America continue to know nothing about. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave us a blue print for Separation and included in it a Demand for land wherein we could practice this new idea. Separation from this particular view is the same as independence. It means we become self reliant and self sustaining as a people. Of course as with most major movements there are transitional stages or phases to the process however the ultimate aim is divorce. So in essence Separation means packing, moving, and establishing something completely new. In order for American blacks to accomplish this we will have to create real strategic plans and such planning itself will require the funding and intellectual investment from those trained in the fields of planning and development. We have such talent and financial resources however we MUST trigger these resources toward this goal and we must do it NOW. -Bro. Leroy K. Muhammad
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